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About the School of Pharmacy

About the School of Pharmacy

The Bachelor of Pharmacy will be a 5-year programme comprising of three semesters per year.  The programme will provide strong foundation of basic sciences in the first and second year of study and progressively more specific pharmacy related subjects in the subsequent years.  In the fifth year, a final year project must be completed on a topic of choice by each student as a requirement for successful completion of the course.  The programme will lay strong emphasis on facilitating learning by doing.  Each course will be given an adequate practical component.  At each level students will undertake assignments and practicals with varying degree of complexity.  Students will have an opportunity to trap their genuine potential and promote themselves in developing the learning skills for achieving the goal and attaining the total educational behaviour change.

Our vision: A leader in research, training and innovation in the field of pharmacy practice.
Our mission: Deliver quality education and establish a leadership role in the development of knowledge through training, research and innovation in the field of Pharmacy

Title of the proposed programme.
Bachelor of Pharmacy

Core Values:  
●    Relevance:  The University is committed to ensuring relevance in its programmes and activities.
●    Excellence: Excellence shall be targeted in outputs of the University
●    Equity:  The University shall ensure that there is equity in all the opportunities within its jurisdiction.
●    Quality: All outputs and processes of the University shall ensure that quality is maintained.
●    Integrity: The University shall ensure integrity in all their undertakings

Philosophy of the programme
We are committed to excellence and innovation in information technology, education and research for the good of humanity.  We aspire to be a leader in research training and innovation in pharmacy practice and education, producing graduates with exceptional knowledge, skills and values. Our graduate will demonstrate exemplary professional abilities as leaders in pharmacy profession. We believe in collaborative ventures, infrastructure development and training, which promote progressive advances in pharmaceutical practice and improvement of health care system.